Moving From WordPress to Jekyll

Written by Sri Harsha Chilakapati on Dec 21, 2014

Two days ago, I decided to make transition from WordPress to Jekyll. If you guys do not know what Jekyll is, Jekyll is a static site generator, it generates a complete website using only HTML and CSS by processing a variety of input formats like HTML, Markdown, Text files combined with a CSS.

I took this decision mainly due to the following reasons.

  • I’m very much bothered by the amount of spam registrations I get in the site
  • It’s not interesting to write in TineMCE editor
  • I made my WordPress installation a mess with a ton of plugins
  • I’m tired of the ‘User Locked’ mails

With these reasons, I also wanted to try my hand at CSS (I admit, I’m very poor in CSS) and I want to style my own website, so I found Jekyll to be interesting, so I thought of moving my WordPress website into Jekyll. Unfortunately, Jekyll importer complained the massive HTML generated by Page Builder plugin, so I used these two days to re-create it from scratch.

Now, after two days, I ended up with this theme. Unfortunately, I couldn’t import my comments into Disquss because some of the urls have been changed, but I regret that. But now, I’m really enjoying writing in Markdown with Jekyll.

Another BIG change is, I’m re-writing my LWJGL Tutorial Series using LWJGL3. So yeah, there is a lot of work, see you guys soon! :smile: