New year party 2K15

Written by Sri Harsha Chilakapati on Dec 31, 2015

First of all, I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2016. Since the move to GitHub pages, my workflow on this website and blog got awesome and more easier than ever, and so here is yet another post from me. This post is about how we celebrated our new year party this time in our college bus. I promise that I’ll keep tech and stuff away from this post, this is for everyone. Here’s a summary of our party today:

  • Ice cream fight!
  • Cake fight!
  • Sprite showers,
  • Chasing friends, and
  • Antyakshari

We stopped on the aerodrome runway (old one near Tadepalligudem, this one is closed for more than 30 years) while returning from college and took placed our cake, samosa sprite bottles and a delicious pineapple flavored ice cream. After cutting the cake, we started applying it to the one who came forward to eat it, and that escalated quickly. We started a cake fight.. and guess what, we have used almost half of the cake in the fight.

After this settled down for a while, I became mischievous and planned a trick with Sprite bottles. I have shaken the bottles and gave it to one of my friend, and he opened it only to get wet with Sprite. He did the same to the other friend, and it continued as a wave. We started using Sprite bottles as guns, I’d say it was pretty fun. Another friend of mine started a new thing, he opened up ice cream cups and started throwing scoops of ice cream at us. I managed to escape from that a couple of times, but finally had to surrender to it.

Then we took a break and enjoyed the remaining cake, ice creams and samosa, and after a while, we started running all over the place running and chasing our other friends who were escaping from us and our food attacks. Finally after enjoying there for an hour, we started back in the bus and in the way (it takes one and half an hour usually from there for our home, a daily task twice a day for us) and started playing Antyakshari.

Antyakshari is a game where there will be two teams, and one have to sing a song that starts with the letter the song of the previous team ends in, and played it all along the way. We had sung more than twenty, had fun all the time. One of the friends in our team was a singer, so we won with his help.

I just came home today, and started typing this post to share with you. Guess I’m done, publishing it and know what? You are already reading it! This year is of great fun and just like every year, learnt a lot. Happy new year everyone and good bye 2015. Waiting for the clock to struck 12:00:01 PM and the date changes.

Have fun,
Sri Harsha Chilakapati (SHC)