Welcome to GoHarsha.com. This website is another world of me, this is the first place I live on the internet. I mainly write about programming games, computer graphics, OpenGL. I also try to hackintosh my PC to get a taste of Mac OS X regularly and mainly to setup cross-compilation for my C++ wxWidgets applications. This is the only place for me to talk about tech things, because my friends and family aren't interested.

About Me


I'm a Computer Science student currently studying 2nd year of the B.Tech course at Sri Vasavi Engineering College, India. I took up Computer Science because I had immense interest towards programming. I started programming when I was in 6th standard in school with BASIC as my first language. By the end of my schooling, I had taught myself C, C++ and some Java.

The year 2011 is very remarkable for me, it was the year I joined Java-Gaming.org and had learned so much from the experienced members there. My first game was made with JGame library, and then I've made my own game engine and my favourite game was Breakout, which I wrote myself using my own game engine. Currently, I'm working on my new game engine which is based on OpenGL 3.3 core functionality.

I'm also a member of the Stack Exchange community and I like Stack Overflow among them. Here you can see some of my stats.