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Sri Harsha Chilakapati

The one in the image is me, Sri Harsha Chilakapati, and I’m the author of this website. Welcome to my world! In this website, you will find everything in my world, from LWJGL Tutorials to tech experiments! I love to code, and I love to talk about code.

I like to keep myself learning as much as I can, whether it may be from people, college classes, library or even the internet. In my opinion, learning is a task that never completes. I believe that what we know is the size of an ant, and what we don’t know is like an elephant.

My Interests

My area of interests is very vast. I like to learn as many programming languages as I can, and I think I’m already good in programming in C, C++, C#, VB.Net, Java, Objective-C, Haxe, PHP and JavaScript. I will be trying out newer languages, and I’m currently trying to learn Rust programming language. I’m also looking forward to learn Ruby and Scala this year.

Aside from languages, I like programming graphics and I have taught myself OpenGL by reading ‘The OpenGL Superbible’ book. I’m also interested in Game Programming, and I have been trying to write my own game engine in Java. SilenceEngine is the result of my tries. And this year, I have also participated in LudumDare. I was able to submit my game, but it was unpolished. I have to spend more time on learning more as I said before.

After all this, I like writing tutorials. You can read them, and currently I’m writing a tutorial series on LWJGL 3. I’m also trying to make video series on YouTube on Jekyll, the software that powers this website. Apart from all these things, I like to spend chatting with my friends, and go on for a ride on the bike.

More about me

I’m a student of Computer Science in Sri Vasavi Engineering College, Tadepalligudem, India. Right now I’m studying 3rd year of the B.Tech programme. In the free time, I spend my time at StackOverflow and other StackExchange websites. Also I’m an active member in java-gaming forums.

I’m also very active on GitHub and recently I have taken up the challenge of increasing the longest streak count, but by legitimate commits. Right now, I have a few more than a hundred days in the streak. This is all about me that I can say right now.

If you want to contact me, you can e-mail me at hello@goharsha.com.

Thanks for your visit! Keep visiting!