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The government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated the AP Cloud Initiative five days ago along with Miracle Software Systems with the mission to create 1,00,000 professionals who can make the state transform into Digital AP by investing ₹6,00,00,000/- (six crore rupees) for this mission, and I attended the training they are providing along with my team from our college. There were 26 teams from 26 different colleges across the state, and this was a great opportunity for all of us. Our team consisted of me along with three seniors of me in college and one of my faculty. I do...

The aim of this post is to explain how SilenceEngine works across platforms, and also to explain the life cycle of the game. Right now, SilenceEngine can work officially on Windows, Mac, Linux and HTML5. Unofficially it works on Android (work is in progress, only audio device is not available there). To make it work everywhere, SilenceEngine is designed in two parts — the engine and it’s runtime. The engine is just a collection of game related classes, where as there is a separate runtime for every platform. Let’s talk about the runtimes in this post.

If you haven’t heard of the Ludum Dare before, it is the world’s largest game jam, intended for game developers where you have to make a game according to a given theme within 48 hours. I’ve been participating in since Ludum Dare 31, and I’ve decided to participate again this time. This time, I wanted to try a new platform as well, that is HTML 5, and be productive with my engine too.

This post is to explain how I added the sharing buttons to this Jekyll website. I was trying to do this for quite some time before, but all I got into was trouble, as I’m not a web developer basically and don’t know how these buttons work. After a long time, today I managed to get sharing buttons to be working, and here is how. I will be detailing the process for each social media platform individually.

Recently I’ve been thinking on how to make SilenceEngine more awesome by writing a new API and as well as multiple backends, and today I’m presenting you the ideas I’m having regarding the shaders, an important part in programming graphics.

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